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We know that healthy, natural environments play a vital role in human health. So connecting the community with water and water education is a big part of our net zero journey.

We need to work together to build awareness around our valuable resource. By coming together, we can build a sustainable water future for WA!

Water in the home

In 2021-22, we supplied 388 billion litres of water across WA! Year on year, this number continues to rise.

We’re helping people across WA to save water. Discover the world of waterwise tips and tricks and keep a look out for our waterwise initiatives. We have garden designs, irrigation rebates and rainwater tank rebates often up for grabs. Discover more by visiting our waterwise offers page.

Family at home

Water in businesses

Saving water across WA is a collective effort. Over the last 15 years, businesses, councils and local governments have saved over 100 billion litres of water. Every day these sectors find solutions to become more water-efficient in their operations. Together, we're building a sustainable community.

Local councils and businesses and working together
Local councils and businesses and working together

Waterwise outcomes for farmers

Irregular rainfall is impacting on-farm dams. This creates an unsustainable demand on scheme water. So we’re assisting our farmers with on-farm desalination plants. The processed water is suitable for livestock, crop farming and much more.

The WaterSmart farms project is a practical way to improve on-farm water supply. Using advanced technology, farmers can use this information to response to climate variability and make use of groundwater.

A collaborative and holistic approach ensures effective placement. This is possible through partnership with Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Murdoch University and the Wheatbelt Development Commission.

WA farming community
WA farming community

Water education in schools

Securing WA's water future starts with empowering today’s students. Our Waterwise Schools Program, educates students on our water cycle and waterwise behaviours. To dive into the details of our schools program, head to our Education page.
Students enjoying the Waterwise Schools Experience
Students enjoying the Waterwise Schools Experience

Water in the community

We're always looking for ways to support and encourage the community to save water. Events like Perth Royal Show, Perth Garden Festival and Open Gardens West Coast provide an opportunity to directly connect with our customers.

From the curious to the passionate green thumbs, we provide inspiration for waterwise gardens and designs. Selecting the right tree and managing soil are key ingredients to reducing water use. If you’d like to learn about the partners we work with, visit our In the community page.

Drainage for Liveability

Did you know we manage a drainage network? Last financial year, we transformed 6 of our drainage assets. The local area now enjoys living streams, wetlands and parks. These initiatives also improve biodiversity and create a sustainable water system for communities.

We partnered with the Town of Bassendean for one of these projects. Mary Crescent Reserve stormwater basin is now a micro wetland. Native verges surround the park, provide amenity for residents and a habitat for local flora and fauna. In the long term, the wetland will also reduce groundwater use. This means a cooler environment in the park.

Learn more here 

Mary Crescent Reserve
Mary Crescent Reserve stormwater basin