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The Waterwise Experience is an interactive, multi-sensory incursion for high school students (Years 7-10), that is designed to engage and inspire them on the topic of water sustainability.

Using silent disco technology, students will explore, wonder and question through the power of audio. Students are led through three engaging narratives, which empower them to take action and become sustainability ambassadors. They will learn that we have finite resources and need to work together to preserve, restore and protect the uniqueness of our planet.

To further your students' learning and understanding, download our supporting lesson plans.

How it works

Each narrative takes place in its own tent world, where the students work together to identify our water sources and understand the importance of our water supply and treatment processes.

The experience is scalable and can cater for up to 162 students per session. We can facilitate multiple sessions per day, to allow several classes or year groups to participate. A session is delivered in 60 minutes so it can fit seamlessly into your class schedule.

Our team will handle all aspects of the session including set up of the tents, to allow you to sit back and take part alongside your students.

Number of students: 30-162 per session (minimum number of bookings required: 270 students in total across a minimum of 3 sessions).
Length: 60 minutes

Students will gain a new perspective as they interactively travel through an arid landscape, jet into space and explore Perth city from a new angle.

  • Understand the interconnectedness and dynamism of the world’s natural systems.
  • Understand the value in differing world views and diversity through exploring other peoples’ experiences.
  • Understand that sustainable practices are forged through respect, responsibility and understanding of the uniqueness of environments.
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