Please note: playgrounds and barbecues at our dams have reopened, from 8am-5pm daily. Please ensure that you practice physical distancing and good hygiene during your visit. To find out more, please go to our latest update page.

Our dams have great visitor facilities such as picnic areas, walk trails and lookouts and birdlife and are a great spot for a day out.

We have 9 dams within the Darling Range that provide around one fifth of Perth’s water supply and most of the water distributed through the Goldfields and Agricultural region, as well as dams in the South West and North West.

Traditionally, Perth has relied heavily on our dams as a major water source. Declining rainfall and streamflow mean the water in our dams is no longer just made up of inflows from rain. Groundwater and desalinated water are stored in these dams during periods of low demand so it is available when it is most needed in the hotter months.