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By switching to clean, green power supply, we help to preserve our environment. Here’s a look at some of the ways we’re reducing our emissions as we move towards a clean energy future.

The power of wind

We've secured around a quarter of the clean energy needed to become a net-zero carbon emitter by 2035. We're the proud developers of Flat Rocks Wind Farm Stage 2. One of the largest wind energy projects in WA will be built 30km from Kojonup.

The renewable energy produced, helps meet the clean energy needs of our seawater desalination plants by 2026.

There will be up to 24 of some of the largest turbines in the state at Flat Rocks Wind Farm Stage 2. Each of these stand 200m tall. Together, they'll produce up to 100MW of renewable energy by 2026.

To put this into perspective, that’s enough power to provide water to 640,000 homes annually. The wind farm will allow us to transition out of non-renewable power generation.

Water Corporation wind farm Water Corporation wind farm

Harnessing hydrogen

We're investigating ways to reuse methane or biogas produced during the wastewater treatment process. In a world first, we’re facilitating a project by WA-based Hazer Group Limited. The innovative technology will convert biogas from Woodman Point Water Resource Recovery Facility into renewable hydrogen and graphite.

This is a massive leap forward because the hydrogen and graphite is produced using a renewable source instead of fossil fuels. This means planet-warming greenhouse gases aren’t being released.

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Water Corporation employee with biosolids

Saluting the sun

We're embracing solar power at our buildings, borefields and pump stations across WA. We're installing over 10,000 solar panels at our sites. This is enough to power over 1,100 homes. In other words, reducing our emissions by over 3,000 tonnes per year.

Water Corporation solar panels
Water Corporation solar panels

Driving down emissions

We have a lot of work cars on the road across our expansive state. Managing our vehicle emissions is a crucial part of our strategy. Over 60% of our passenger fleet vehicles are now either fully electric or hybrid electric.

At the end of each EV fleet lease, the vehicles are sold to the secondhand EV market. This will improve affordability and stimulate greater demand. Revegetation projects to offset fleet emissions are currently under consideration.

Water Corporation CEO driving our electric vehicle
Water Corporation CEO driving our electric vehicle

Carbon farming

Partnering with Forest Products Commission (FPC), we're establishing and harvesting 1,400 hectares of plantation in Boddington and McAlinden. The project is registered with the Commonwealth Emission Reduction Fund. Over 400,000 Australian Carbon Credits (ACCU’s) are estimated to offset emissions over the next 18 years.

We're also teaming up with Carbon Positive Australia (CPA). The registered charity restores land through biodiverse registration as well as sucking carbon from the air. We’ve worked with CPA to plant 145 hectares of native vegetation at Eurady Reserve. Decades of grazing has changed the landscape and damaged ecosystems. The aim of this project is to restore vegetation and protect the land for future generations.

This will sequester around 11,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next 100 years. This is equal to our entire passenger fleet emission during the financial year. You can learn more about this charity and their projects by visiting the Carbon Positive Australia website.

Water Corporation’s new established pine plantation
Water Corporation's new established pine plantation