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Our water supply and water conservation lesson plans build on our school incursions, providing students with an opportunity to learn more about the foundations of our natural and integrated water cycle, and the demand our growing population puts on our systems.

Below you can find a range of lesson plans appropriate for Years 2 and 4.

Year 2

The amazing adventures of Drop

Students hone their creative thinking and storytelling skills to create a digital book while learning about the water cycle.

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Where our water comes from

Students will learn about our water sources and consider what would happen if we ran out of water. They’ll consolidate their learning by making an explanation poster and their own news report.

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Continents and oceans

Students will learn about Earth’s continents and oceans to understand how water connects us all. They'll be introduced to the concept of desalination, identifying where on the map our desalination plants operate.

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Water in WA

Students gain an understanding of place and distance of water in WA, identifying local features and names of bodies of water in their neighbourhood and WA. Students will plan their next family holiday to a destination in WA, creating an itinerary of water-based activities along the way.

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Introduction to the water cycle

Students will learn about the water cycle through song and observe a water cycle experiment. Extend student understanding of the water cycle through a Lego display, integrating stop-motion to bring their display to life.

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Awareness of water

Students will learn about the importance of water by observing where it’s used around the school and home. Students will create their own grass head and investigate how water is vital for plants to survive.

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Year 4

Saving water at our school

Students will investigate the different types of water outlets around their school and identify ways to conserve water. They will consolidate their learning by designing a water saving poster and planning, writing and publishing a persuasive letter to their Principal.

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We're all in this together

Students will learn about water conservation by planning, writing and publishing a word search and quiz to help improve water conservation in the community. They will consolidate their learning by using an interactive online tool to create a cartoon story.

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We're all connected

Students will use Google Earth to investigate interesting facts about rivers near and far. They will get hands-on learning about the impact of human activity on water quality and ways to prevent pollution from happening.

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Environmental sustainability

Students will take a virtual tour inside a wastewater plant and create an educational poster to learn about what should go down the toilet or drains. They will further their learning about water in the community by designing their own community park and creating a 3D model to share with others.

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Circle of life

Students will learn about the interactions between animals, plants and water in the circle of life and how we can help protect our environment.

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Great gardens

All living things need water to survive and are dependent on other elements in their habitat to thrive. Through an exploration of their school habitat, and the creation of their own habitats, students will understand these essential relationships.

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