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Discover WA’s water story with these WA curriculum-linked activities supporting water supply and water conservation education. Experiment, create stories, explore water in our culture and more while helping kids develop 21st-century learning skills and an appreciation for water.

Wastewater treatment plant maze

Years 1-3

Get the toilet paper, pee and poo safely to the wastewater treatment plant.



Stop the leak home activity

Years 2-3

Survey your home for leaks to find out how much water you can save.

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Construct a water moving machine

Years 4-5

Put your heads together and create a machine to move water uphill.

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Make your own water filter

Years 5-6

Learn the process of water filtration by building your own filter.

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Investigate water efficient appliances inside the home

Years 5-6

Explore your household to see how water efficient your appliances are.

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The life of C Y O’Connor

Years 6-7

Reorder the life events of CY O’Connor into chronological order.

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