You can remove a property from your online account if you no longer want to manage it online.

Removing an account in this way will not close your water account.

If you have sold your property we will close your account for you when your settlement agent notifies us.

If you are a tenant please contact your property manager or landlord and ask them to remove you from the account.

Log in to your online account using your email password. LINK to login page

On the Bill & Account page click on the drop down arrow on the right hand side where your address is displayed and choose the remove an account option. LINK TO THE Bill & Account page

Remove an account

Step 1

  1. Select an account to remove by choosing the address of the property from the drop down menu.
  2. Click remove.

Step 2

  1. Confirm that you wish to remove your selected account by clicking the “Yes I want to remove this account” button.

All done! You have successfully removed your selected property from you online account.

Your payment and paperless billing preferences will not be affected.

If you are selling your property then we will close your account for you.