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Many factors can influence the size of your water bill. Whether it's for your home or business, if your bill seems higher than usual – or you'd like it to be lower – here are some things to consider.

Have you received a bill that is higher than normal?

There are many factors that can influence the size of your water bill. If your bill seems higher than normal – or you'd like it to be lower – below are some things to consider.

Check your meter read details

We visit your property every 2 months to read your meter. Sometimes we make a mistake, we're human.

To check if your meter read is correct, find the ‘Meter read details’ on the back of your bill. Compare these numbers to the black and white numbers on your meter.

Meter reading details on bill

If the numbers are significantly different, contact us or call us on 13 13 85. If the numbers are close, and your water use has been high, there are 3 key checks we recommend.

Photo of a water meter

Check for leaks

Leaks are the most common reason for a high bill. A constant trickle in your toilet bowl or a dripping tap can be wasteful and costly.

Use our leak detection tool to find potential leaks in your home or garden. 

Leaks are the responsibility of the property owner to repair. In some instances we'll refund part of your bill with a leak allowance.

Check your water pricing tier

If your bill is higher than normal, you may have moved into the next water use pricing tier.

We have a tiered pricing system to encourage careful use of water. The more water you use, the higher the price per kilolitre.

Check which tier you are in on the front of your bill under 'Water use pricing'.

Image of water bill showing water use charges

Check your daily water use comparison

Use the 'Daily water use comparison' graph on the front of your bill. This shows you how much water you used this bill compared to the same bill last year. Below are some of the most common reasons for increased daily water use.

Comparing your daily water use

Common reasons for increased daily water use 

Seasonal changes

It's typical to use more water in the warmer weather. You could be using more water on your garden and lawn or when running evaporative air conditioning. Filling up a pool or showering more often are also factors. Our rainfall affects how much we need to water our gardens too. See our tips to save water at home and in your garden.


Irrigation can use up to 130 litres of water per minute. If you have pop-up sprinklers at 4 stations and run them twice a week for 10 minutes on each station…you end up using around 5,200 litres of water. Check the efficiency of your irrigation system to see if your garden is waterwise.

New lawn or garden

You may be using more water through new irrigation or extra watering if you have a new garden or lawn. Find water efficient ways to maintain a healthy lawn.

New appliances or fittings

Have you got a new dishwasher, washing machine or evaporative air conditioner? New shower heads or taps or a new irrigation system in your garden can also increase your water use.

More people in your house

Your water use may have gone up if the number of people living in your house has increased. Have you had any guests stay with you recently?

Find ways to save water in your home and garden as well as handy tips and tricks on the Waterwise section of our website. 

See water saving tips

Receiving a higher than expected bill can be concerning. Your higher bill could be due to seasonal changes, increased business activity, a leak or something else.

Has your bill been estimated?

If we can’t read your meter, we’ll estimate your water use for a billing period. This estimate is based on the average daily use recorded for your property for the same time last year. Check the meter read details on the back of your bill. Next to the current reading, it will say 'estimated'. Learn more about estimated meter reads.

Busier than normal?

Here are some things that can lead to higher water use when your business is experiencing a busy period.

  • More patrons or customers than usual
  • Installation of additional appliances or equipment that use more water
  • New lawn or plants that require increased watering. Do you have a watering exemption for your new garden or lawn? You can apply for one online.
  • Changes in your processes or business activity
  • Seasonal changes to your irrigation settings
  • An increase in staff numbers
  • Auto top-up valves for water storage, air cons and pools.

While there are many possible explanations for high water use, we encourage you to investigate the exact cause. This way, you can make the necessary changes to prevent high water bills in the future.

We have several resources to help you save water, including advice on leak prevention and saving water for businesses.

We have a water management plan to assist you with your business’s water use and ways to reduce consumption.

Track your water use

Log in to your online account to compare your previous bills and water usage. With the water use graph, you can see any spikes in your water use and monitor how you’re tracking for each billing period.

Check for leaks

A high water bill can sometimes be caused by an increase in water use due to a leak. Please visit our detecting leaks for businesses page for advice on investigating leaks.

Smart meters

With a smart meter, you can monitor your water consumption more closely and reduce your costs by providing near real-time water use data to a dashboard you can access on mobile or desktop.

Aside from monitoring water use, smart meters can also detect leaks and abnormal water use, allowing you to save water and protect you from potential property or equipment damage.

Investing in a smart meter can save you time and money in the long run.

I’m a tenant

If you don’t receive your water bill directly from us but would like to understand how much water you are using, please visit tenant billing to find out about receiving water use bills to help track your water use.

Unexplained water increase?

Have you tried all the above and still can’t figure out why your water use has increased? Contact us so we can help you investigate further.

Sometimes a business can go through operational changes or expansions that can lead to higher water use. We have some great examples from businesses across Western Australia to help you identify similarities and learnings.