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  • How to save water inside the home and backyard
  • Why it's important not to waste water
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Climate change is making us all think about the way we use water. You may not realise it, but how you shower, clean your dishes and water your garden impacts the environment.

Saving water has never been more important, and by making a few small changes at home you’ll not only reduce your water use, but you can also save energy and money on your water bills too.

Simple ways to save water

There are many easy ways you can make a difference and use water more efficiently inside and outside the home.

1. Keep your showers short and sweet

Cutting your shower time by just 2 minutes can result in a water saving of up to 30%. Try using a shower timer or your favourite 4 minute song to time your showers. And if you’re waiting for the water to heat up, why not collect the cold water in a bucket to water your garden. Find more ways to save water during shower time.

2. Water when it matters

The biggest water savings come from outside the home, so water when it matters. Sticking to your watering days and only watering once on those days is enough. Before 9am is best as it allows the water to soak into the plant’s roots and be available throughout the day.

Ensure you select appropriate sprinklers for the area and plants you’re watering, and correctly program your irrigation system. To make the most of every drop, try hydro-zoning your plants. What this means is grouping plants with the same watering needs. And you won’t accidentally overwater some plants because they’re stationed near a higher water-using variety. Get more watering tips for your garden.

3. Fix those leaks

Not all leaks are easy to find especially if they’re hidden in the walls of your house or underground in your retic pipes. If you don’t find and fix them, you could be wasting up to 10,000L per year! Multiple leaks could be wasting even more water, so use our handy leak detection tool to check if you have a leak and fix it.

Irrigation systems can have hidden leaks so test your irrigation for stations recording a significantly higher amount of water, or a broken sprinkler head. Replacing worn nozzles or damaged seals will also save water and if you suspect it may be a broken pipe, call a professional waterwise garden irrigator to take a look.

4. Set the optimal sprinkler run time

Your garden isn’t as thirsty as you think. Different types of sprinklers have varying watering rates, so make sure you check the recommended watering times for your sprinkler type. And if rain is forecast, turn your sprinklers off and let nature do the watering for you.

Remember in Perth and parts of the South West from 1 June to 31 August the Winter Sprinkler Switch-off is in place, so set a reminder to turn those sprinklers off.

5. Hang up the rubber gloves

Did you know a WELS 4-star dishwasher uses less water than washing your dishes by hand? Just make sure it’s full before you press start or change the setting to half load if it’s available. Read more kitchen water saving advice.

Rubber gloves hanging on the kitchen faucet

6. Wash clothes more efficiently

Same goes for your laundry! Pile up your dirty clothes until you have a full load to reduce your water usage. Cutting back on your washing by just one load a week will save up to 120L. Choose a short, cool wash cycle where possible, this will save both water and energy. Learn more about saving water in the laundry.

7. Keep your pool or spa covered

Keep the pool cover on when your pool or spa isn’t in use. This helps prevent the water and expensive pool chemicals from evaporating, as well as keeping your pool warmer and the leaves out – bonus! When looking for pool covers and other products for outside, keep your eye out for the Waterwise and Smart Approved WaterMark logos.

8. Protect your garden with mulch

If you’re time poor, topping your garden bed with a course, chunky mulch, is one of the easiest things you can do to save time in the garden. Applying a generous layer between 5-10cm across the surface of the soil can greatly reduce evaporation loss, improve the soil, reduce weed growth and enhance the appearance of your garden. Get more low maintenance tips for a waterwise garden.

9. Turn off the tap while you brush

Every minute you leave the tap running wastes up to 10L of water. 8 out of 10 people have adopted the habit of turning the tap off while they brush their teeth, have you?

10. Rethink your lawn habits

A green lawn is often thought of as the centrepiece to a beautiful garden, but water isn’t the only thing you need to get that gorgeous green. You can save time caring for your lawn by using a wetting agent at least 3 times a year. Get more expert tips for maintaining a healthy lawn.