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Structure plans support land use planning schemes, rezonings, subdivision, and large development applications. They provide spatial detail at different scales to help in land use planning.

We encourage planners, engineers, and developers to contact us as early as possible in the land use planning process. We can:
  • tell you the location and capacity of existing and planned infrastructure
  • determine any asset protection requirements
  • confirm planned timing of infrastructure delivery for the area.

Water reticulation planning

Depending on the scale and complexity of integrating a development into the existing network, we may carry out water reticulation planning. This is to guide the design and delivery of water servicing in an area. Water reticulation planning is only done for structure plans within the Perth metropolitan area.

To do this we'll need your:
  • development layout in a spatial format (.shp or .dwg) in the GDA94 - MGA zone 50 coordinate system
  • zoning plan or yields
  • staging plan

We can provide a plan following a planning information pack (PIP) request and once your local structure plan has been endorsed. The water reticulation plan can be used to inform the water concept plan for any development within the structure plan area. They outline DN150-DN250 sized water main routes that are appropriate for our long term planning. Proposed future distribution sized mains (headworks,) may also be shown on the plan for reference.

If your water reticulation plans are more than 12 months old, we encourage you to email to confirm if the planning is up to date.

Water management strategy

Developers often need to prepare a local water management strategy at the structure planning stage.

If your development is within our drainage catchment, we’ll have to review your strategy to ensure there’s no impact on our drains This also meets compliance with the Water Services Act and our operating license.

It’s important to complete your strategy early as it will inform stormwater storage requirements and the yield of a structure plan area. We can also tell if you need to fill the area, as this will impact the sewer network design.

More information

Download the supporting material below from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) to learn more about your requirements.

Each structure planning area presents unique circumstances. For specific information please complete our Request servicing advice form.

State planning policy 2.9 - water resources

Draft state planning policy 2.9 - planning for water

Better urban water management