Goldfields & Agricultural

The historic buildings of Kalgoorlie-Boulder are artefacts of more than a century of gold rush history. Further, across the region the ghost towns of Leonora and Gwalia also tell the story of early gold prospecting dreams were long ago abandoned. Combined with its striking landscapes, gold rush heritage and Indigenous history the Goldfields are a truly unique part of the Australian outback.

The Goldfields region is projected to become hotter, with higher evaporation, and increased weather and climate variability, the likelihood and intensity of fires is also due to grow. And while the increase in intense rainfall events in some areas may seem to counteract the drying and hot conditions — heavier and more intense rainfall can increase soil erosion and damage to infrastructure, creating other challenges.

The impacts of climate change are far-reaching for example the variety of grasses and plants is predicted to change because of the increase in temperatures and carbon dioxide leading to a reduction in forage digestibility and protein content particularly if tropical plant species become more dominant following changes in climate. While it’s too early to tell exactly how this will impact the landscape’s water needs and consumption, we know things won’t look the same in the future.

Did you know?

Currently around 42% of wastewater is recycled in the Goldfields and Agricultural Region. Major activities include:

  • BHP industrial recycling scheme
  • Merredin public open space irrigation
  • Northam racecourse and public open space irrigation

Activation of projects to assist the Shires to comply with new Department of Health (DoH) Recycled Water Guidelines in Mukinbudin, Kellerberrin, Wyalkatchem. These include the installation of chlorinators to be owned and operated by Water Corporation.

Water saving programs

We aim to reduce water use in this region by working with communities and businesses on a range of programs, such as the Waterwise Business ProgramWaterwise Towns Program and Waterwise Councils Program.

As part of the 2020-21 Waterwise Towns Program, Kalgoorlie-Boulder residents will be able to take part in a new trial aimed at optimising water use in evaporative air conditioners during summer. These residents, as well as those in Wiluna and Laverton, will also have the opportunity to replace old, inefficient showerheads free of charge through the Showerhead Swap program. In 2019, nearly 900 households across regional WA exchanged 1,274 showerheads, helping save close to 18 million litres of water.

Find out more about sustainable water initiatives and programs in the Goldfields and Agricultural region.

We can all help

Every drop of water counts and the accumulative sum can add up to big savings. Find out what you can do to save water starting today.