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The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 creates a process for the disclosure of public interest information. If you have a concern about the past, current or future conduct of the Water Corporation, or a person associated with the Corporation, making a disclosure under this legislation may offer protection for you and those who are the subject of your claims.

The sorts of issues that you may be concerned about could include:

  • improper conduct
  • an offence under State law, including corruption
  • administration matters affecting you involving a specific risk of injury to public health, prejudice to public safety or harm to the environment.

You need to consider a number of factors before making a public interest disclosure. These factors are contained in the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 and outlined in Public Interest Disclosure – Information for Disclosers on the Public Sector Commission (PSC) website and the Act can be viewed from the State Law Publisher website.

The persons in the following positions are, from time-to-time, designated as the Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Officers of Water Corporation:

  • Head of Risk and Assurance
  • Head of People Services
  • Manager Management Review & Audit

The PID Officers are responsible for receiving disclosures of public interest information relating to matters falling within the sphere of responsibility of Water Corporation.

The current contact details of the PID Officers are as follows:

Head of Risk and Assurance
Wayne Kearney
Ph 9420 2782

Head of People Services
Geoff Archard
Ph 9420 2763

Manager Management Review & Audit
Wendy Ow
Ph: 9420 3025

For further general information about public interest disclosures from the PSC:

Phone: 61 8 6552 8888
Fax: 61 8 6552 8501