Below you will find conditions for activities that apply to our approval of the undertaking of building and/or construction works.

Under sections 82 and 90 of the Water Services Act 2012, a landowner must not erect, construct, install, place or demolish any building, plant, wall, fence or other obstruction in, on, over or under, or within the prescribed proximity to our water service works.

Water Corporation may change the conditions for building and construction activities from time to time, so you should ensure you are aware of the current conditions prior to lodgement of your application.

By submitting your application, you are acknowledging your agreement to, and acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Section 82 of the Water Services Act 2012 (WA) requires the owner/occupier of land to give notice to the Water Corporation of any alteration, construction or demolition of buildings that are on or in the Water Corporation’s operating area.

This can be done by lodging an application with the Water Corporation via BuilderNet (“Application”). The Application enables the Water Corporation to ensure the proposal is suitable for the provision of the service and ensure the protection of its assets and to calculate head-works charges for the construction, alteration or demolition.

The Application must be lodged with Water Corporation prior to commencing any work Section 90(1) of the Water Services Act 2012 (WA) makes it an offence to construct, erect or place any building, plant etc. in, on, under, over or within a prescribed proximity of the water services works of Water Corporation except with Water Corporation’s prior approval.

Section 90(2) further makes it an offence for a person to drill, excavate, bore or use impact equipment (or any other activity, which could for example include blasting and the like) within the prescribed proximity of the water service works of Water Corporation, except with Water Corporation’s prior approval.

  • Water Corporation reserves its right to recover from the Application applicant (“Applicant”) the cost of any damages, costs, expenses or losses associated with incorrect or misleading information provided by the Applicant in relation to the Application.
  • It is a condition of Water Corporation’s authorisation of the undertaking of the building and/ or construction works at the property that the building or structure is built, or the construction activities are carried out, in accordance with the design submitted with the Application to Water Corporation, and that the design complies with Water Corporation’s Technical Guidelines for safely working near Water Corporation assets.
  • Penalties under section 82 and 90 of the Water Services Act 2012 may apply in relation to undertaking the construction, alteration or demolition of the building other than in accordance with the authorisation of Water Corporation.
  • The Applicant must refer to plans obtained from Dial Before You Dig, and any other information provided by Water Corporation for the purposes of ensuring that the proposed building or construction activities do not damage an asset of the Water Corporation, prior to commencing the Applicant’s works.
  • An onsite inspection will be required to establish the exact location of all underground assets in the vicinity of the construction. This should be performed through potholing using a hand shovel, before using heavy machinery.
  • That whilst the works are being undertaken, it is the Applicant’s responsibility to keep Water Corporation’s services in good repair and to ensure Water Corporation's services on the property are adequately protected from damage.
  • The Applicant is required to reimburse Water Corporation for any and all costs incurred by it in repairing any damage to Water Corporation’s assets arising from the construction of the Applicant’s works. The Applicant is responsible for any damage, costs and expenses incurred by neighbouring or nearby properties, arising as a result of the construction of the Applicant’s works.
  • Notwithstanding any approval or comment given by Water Corporation in relation to the construction of the building or structure at the property, the applicant remains at all times entirely responsible for the design and structural integrity of the building or structure and its footings near Water Corporation services. The Applicant will inform all subsequent owners of the land and/or subsequent owners of the building or structure, of these conditions.