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We aim to provide 20 litres of water per minute at your water meter. The pressure and flow that you experience from your taps is dependent on lots of factors like the elevation of your property and your internal plumbing.

If you have noticed your water pressure has changed, here are a few things you can do.

Check for outages

First, visit our outages and works page to check if there are any known water issues or works in your area as this could potentially affect your water pressure.

Conduct a water pressure test

You can complete the following simple test. This can be helpful to estimate the water flow you are getting at your tap. Note this will be lower than the flow supplied at the water meter. 

Step 1

Make sure all taps and water using appliances are turned off.

Step 2

Write down the black and red numbers on your meter.

Step 3

Turn on your front garden tap for 60 seconds. Be sure to collect this water and use it on your garden or pot plants.

Step 4

Take another meter reading and subtract it from the first meter reading. This will tell you how much water came out per minute. 

Request a pressure and flow test

We can organise a pressure and flow test at your water meter to check there are no problems with the water supply for your area. Simply complete the form below. 

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