Garden City Shopping Centre saved 87,000 litres of water per day by identifying and repairing a hidden water leak.

Key achievements

  • 87,000 litres saved per day
  • used data loggers
  • $67,000 saved

Why we acted

"The Management of Garden City were extremely proactive in finding and fixing the leak. As soon as they suspected they had a leak they contacted Water Corporation and once the leak was confirmed they worked diligently to resolve it as soon as possible. The use of the data loggers in this case shows their value as a tool to assist with leak detection" David Juers, Water Corporation

The shopping centre suspected it might have a leak when a staff member noticed an unusual amount of water flowing through a loading dock storm water drain. This triggered an investigation by the shopping centre, with help from Water Corporation.

How we did it

As one of the largest shopping centres in Perth finding a leak across 70,000 square metres of retail area was not going to be easy.

A data logger installed on the meter confirmed s leak of approximately 40 litres per minutes, which is the equivalent of 21,000 kilolitres per year, so managers were keen to locate and repair the leak as soon as possible.

To locate the leak, the centre engaged a licensed plumber to install isolation valves and pulse capable sub-meters. Using the data logging technology the centre could view their water consumption on a near real time basis to isolate the area of the centre with the leak.

Once identified, ground penetrating radar, acoustic listening equipment and pipe locating equipment was used to pinpoint the exact location. The leak was eventually discovered in a pipe bend 3 metres below the ground in a loading dock.

What we are doing now

Garden City has been a participant of our Water Efficiency Management Plan program since 2007 and implemented a number of water efficiency initiatives including:

  • Waterless urinals
  • WELS rated tapware
  • Drip irrigation in garden beds
  • Regular inspections to identify leaks
  • Sub metering major tenants and toilets to monitor water use
  • Conduct workshops and introducing programs to create a water saving culture for all staff