After completing a water audit in 2014, LeisureFit reduced its annual water use by 10% and became a Waterwise Aquatic Centre.

Key achievements

  • 10% reduction in water use per year
  • 2 months payback period
  • $1,000 audit costs

Why we acted

"As a City we view water as a precious resource, and we remain committed to ensuring we manage our water resources sustainably, looking for every opportunity to reduce water consumption." Mayor Russell Aubrey

Undertaking a water audit was an efficient way to have all water using activities checked to identify areas for potential savings.

How we did it

  • Flow control valves on basin taps
  • WELS 3 star rated 9L/minute showerheads installed throughout the facility
  • Sub meter installed on the splash pad plant room
  • Monthly inspections of all sprinkler heads
  • Ongoing adjustments to irrigation run times
  • Asset replacement policy implemented for aging devices
  • Waterwise tips highlighted throughout the facility

What we are doing now

Water efficiency will continue to be a focus for LeisureFit Booragoon with the facility continuing to learn about their water use and implement water efficiency measures including:

  • Installing sub metres
  • Fixing leaks
  • Sprinkler inspections
  • Staff training
  • Bi-annual water use information reported to Executive Management.