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Our infrastructure spreads far and wide throughout WA. To maintain our infrastructure, we undertake both planned (asset improvement) and unplanned (emergency repair) work every day.

To access our assets, we often need to dig. A vital part of our works is to restore public areas (such as roads, verges and footpaths) or private property (for example, driveways and garden areas) which have been disturbed by our work.

It is important to us that our restoration work meet your expectations. To ensure impacted areas are restored to their original condition and quality as reasonably as possible, we work closely with local government, other utility and service providers, and affected property owners.

Temporary reinstatement

We may do a temporary reinstatement when it is not practical for our work crews or contractors to restore the area right away. This can happen for a variety reasons, including:

  • not having the right equipment or materials on hand
  • the area may need to be accessed again soon

In these situations, we will leave the work site safe and functional for the public, but it may not look the way it did before the work began. The condition of these areas is only temporary. We will arrange for the area to be restored to its original condition as soon as possible.

Restoring landscape features that cross over local council property

In our work, we may need to dig up landscape features that run from your property to the verge, crossing local council land. These features can include aggregate driveways and astro turf. Such features can hinder access to our assets, as well as the assets of other service providers.

Please be aware that we are not able to replace the entire feature, only the section affected by our works. When restoring landscape features such as aggregate driveways, we will:

  • work closely with the property owner to restore the impacted section, and
  • restore the impacted section to match the remaining driveway or garden area, to the best possible quality and standard.

The most common types of reinstatements we provide include:

Concrete and exposed aggregate products

We’ll replace and match your concrete as best we can. We ask that you please email us at or call 13 13 75 as soon as possible to discuss the specifics of your repair. If you know the type, supplier and contractor who installed the concrete, it can help us to find the best solution. Please be aware that even with a perfect match, concrete finishes can vary due to external factors such as drying conditions. 


We’ll replace your damaged lawn with the best possible match and will top dress as needed. 
Learn more about establishing a new lawn.

Synthetic grass

We’ll replace your synthetic grass and repair the sub-base layers as required. It can be difficult to find an exact match due to the large variety of synthetic grass products, so please email us at or call 13 13 75 if you know what type of synthetic grass you have.


We’ll test and diagnose any problems with your irrigation before replacing damaged parts. We will need to access your property and irrigation controller to do this. Please email us at or call 13 13 75 to arrange a suitable time.


We’ll repair damaged plants and landscaped areas. We’ll endeavour to find the closest match, including the species and age of the plant. We may need to substitute mature plants for similar varieties due to supplier availability.