• Winter sprinkler ban in place from 1 June to 31 August each year
  • Ban saves about 4.5 billion litres of scheme water last year
  • Applies to both scheme water and bores

Water Minister Mia Davies has reminded households across Perth, Mandurah and parts of the South West and Great Southern to get ready to turn off their sprinklers when the winter sprinkler ban begins June 1.

The Minister said the winter sprinkler ban had been in place as a permanent water saving measure since 2010 and saved around 4.5 billion litres of drinking water last year.

”The winter sprinkler ban has been embraced by Western Australians since its introduction, with recent Water Corporation research showing  81 per cent of people surveyed supported the ban,” Ms Davies said.

“Now in its seventh winter, the sprinkler ban was introduced on the basis that gardens don’t need as much water during the cooler, wetter months. In our drying climate, it is important we work together to save water for when it is most needed.

“Please remember to switch off your sprinklers before June 1 so we can achieve significant water savings again this year.”

The Minister said breaching the winter sprinkler ban could result in a $100 fine. Last winter 1,668 customers received a warning and 244 were fined for using their sprinklers during the ban.

Water Corporation has made it even easier for people who witness a breach of the ban to make a report, with a new online form at www.watercorporation.com.au/breach.

The winter sprinkler ban applies to both scheme and bore water users, however hand watering is permitted and customers can apply for an exemption to establish new lawns.

In areas of the State not subject to the ban, normal watering rosters and the daytime sprinkler ban still apply.

Fact File

  • Hand watering and maintenance testing of bores is still permitted.
  • For details on how the ban applies to licensed water users go to www.water.wa.gov.au
  • Report sprinkler ban breaches online at www.watercorporation.com.au/breach or phone 13 10 39
  • More information at www.watercorporation.com.au/sprinklerban

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