Just after 7am this morning Water Corporation crews attended to reports of a broken water main under the road near the corner of Charles and Vincent Street in North Perth.

Their first priority was to shut off the water supply and isolate the pipe and this was completed just before 8am.

Six properties in the immediate vicinity of the break were affected by the shut off and Water Corporation has provided free bottled water to these people until their water supply can be restored.

A vehicle received some damage but the driver was not injured.

The broken main is a 200mm cast iron main first laid in 1916 and was later refurbished in 1946.

Crews are now preparing to excavate the area and assess the break. The cause of the broken water main is therefore not yet known.

There are 15,000 kilometres of water pipes in the Perth and Mandurah area. Leaks and breaks occur in every water supply scheme and are influenced by a number of factors, including the material and location of the mains, age, maintenance and local conditions such as soil types and external factors such as nearby construction and tree roots.

Water Corporation apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused to residents and commuters this morning.

Please quote Water Corporation spokesperson Clare Lugar.

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