With a little help from Water Corporation, around 11,500 households across Mandurah used 145 million litres less water compared to the same eight month period last year. That’s the equivalent of more than 64 Olympic swimming pools of water!


The savings were achieved through the Waterwise Towns Program, which offered personalised water use advice to households through a series of letters or coaching calls.


Alan Lewis of Cohen Vista in Lakelands took part in the program and said making small changes to everyday tasks made a big difference to his household water use.


“I try to only use the hand hose in the evenings, making sure I water the root zone,” Mr Lewis said.


“We placed a bucket in each shower to collect the cold water that usually goes to waste while waiting for the hot to come through and used this to water patio plants.”


Water Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Sue Murphy, thanked participants for their dedication to save water in our drying climate.


“The program has been a huge success, with households getting involved by making small changes to the way they use water and seeing a decrease in their water use as a result,” Ms Murphy said.


“The regular communication helped a number of customers realise they had leaks at their property, while others found new ways to reduce their household water use.”


Ms Murphy said reducing water use formed part of Water Corporation’s Water Forever plans to secure the State’s water supply in the drying climate.


“Last year, Perth’s drinking water dams received their lowest inflow on record – only 11.4 billion litres of water. To put that into perspective, in 2014-15 we supplied more than 13 billion litres of water to our customers living in just the Mandurah-Murray area alone.


“Our planning to-date has ensured Perth’s water supply scheme made it through the worst inflows on record last year and this will continue into the future.


“Each and every one of us has a responsibility to save water and build a better defence against a drying climate.”


Key facts:

  • Mandurah forms part of the Integrated Water Supply Scheme which also supplies water to Perth, the Goldfields and Agricultural Region and parts of the South West. 
  • Around 12,300 households in Eaton, Australind and Kalgoorlie also participated in Waterwise Towns programs, saving 275 million litres of water.

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