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The Gnangara Groundwater System is the largest groundwater source in WA.

It comprises of three different aquifer layers:

  • Superficial aquifer - the shallowest aquifer which stretches across the coastal plain
  • Leederville aquifer - below the superficial aquifer, and is often several hundred metres thick
  • Yarragadee aquifer - the deepest aquifer which offers vast storage and a robust supply

The Gnangara Groundwater System remains vital to our drinking water supply. Find out more about the Gnangara Groundwater System.

What is an aquifer?

An aquifer is a mass of permeable rock which can transmit or hold groundwater. When water enters an aquifer, it moves slowly to the lower-lying places and is eventually discharged and transferred to wells and springs. Wells can be drilled into the aquifers and water can be pumped out.