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You can find out if a property is connected/has access to water and sewer services via our property search, simply search for the property address.

To locate water and sewer connections you will need to obtain sewer diagrams for your property, these are called Before You Dig Australia plans.

The plans show the location of water mains, sewer mains and sewer junctions located at your property and can be obtained from Before You Dig Australia.

Flimsies are diagrams showing the location of internal property sewers and plumbing fixtures and can be obtained from the Building Commission.

How close can I build to the sewer pipe?

This depends on a variety of things. Please email us at with the following information:

  • What are you building
  • If a house, is it single or double storey
  • If a shed, is it brick or colour bond, and what size
  • If a pool, what are the depths at each end

Please show on a site plan of your property where you propose to build, giving distances from boundaries, if relevant, if you have any plans already drawn up, please attach these to your email.

What is a standard Water Corporation connection?

A standard Water Corporation connection is a 20mm metered service.

Sewer main extensions

If you need a sewer main extension you will need to engage a Consulting Engineer who will design and make arrangements to extend the sewer main at your cost.

Can 2 or more homes connect to the same sewer connection?

A 100mm junction can service up to five home units and a 150mm junction is required for six or more home units.