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St James pump station's colourful new artwork.

  • Faded pump stations in Orelia and St James brought to life by local artists
  • Murals feature wildflowers and native birds, illustrating the communities' connection to water  
  • More than 75 Water Corporation assets transformed as part of the Splash of Colour program

Water Corporation's Splash of Colour program has transformed two faded pump stations in Orelia and St James into vibrant public murals.

In Orelia, the previously nondescript brick building now offers a colourful entry to Hennessy Park thanks to young artist Imogen Palmer, whose work features a black swan and a white-faced heron.

Visible from local homes and a nearby playground, the piece depicts the beauty of nature on a background of pastel blues and purples.

A workshop with Year 5 and 6 students from North Parmelia Primary School informed the design, with the classes' drawings incorporated into the final mural.  

In St James, local artist Bec Abdy worked with a unique palate of earthy tones to depict a black-faced cuckoo shrike soaring through native bushland.

The colourful piece can be seen from nearby homes and busy footpaths, adding colour and vibrancy to the area.

Year 2 students at Millen Primary School shared their ideas during a special workshop which helped inspire the striking design.

Since its inception in 2017, Water Corporation's Splash of Colour program has transformed over 75 water and wastewater assets into vibrant public artworks, adding a sense of colour and vibrancy to local communities.

The program is an initiative under the WA Government's Kep Katitjin - Gabi Kaadadjan (Waterwise Perth Action Plan 2), which aims to establish Boorloo (Perth) and Bindjareb (Peel) as leading waterwise communities for by 2030.

For more information, visit our Splash of Colour page.

Comments attributed to Water Minister Simone McGurk:

"It's fantastic to see these once faded water assets transformed into public murals that celebrate the environment and illustrate our everyday connection with water.

"Aside from adding colour to local streets, the Splash of Colour program is a fantastic way to engage with local school children and help them understand the importance of water in our lives.

"That message is so important because we know the earlier we start talking to children about being waterwise, the more likely they are to carry those waterwise behaviours into adulthood.

"In just seven years, more than 75 murals have been created, which is a testament to how well the Splash of Colour program is run, and to what it offers local communities."

Comments attributed Kwinana MLA Roger Cook:

"This impressive Splash of Colour artwork transforms the entry to Hennessy Park and perfectly captures the community's connection to water.

"Thanks to the Year 5 and 6 students at North Parmelia Primary School for their design ideas, which along with the work of artist Imogen Palmer, has resulted in this fantastic mural the whole community can enjoy."

Comments attributed to Victoria Park MLA Hannah Beazley:

"The striking work of art in St James has made over what was once a faded pump station - and now provides a gorgeous pop of colour.

"Well done to Year 2 students at Millen Primary School for helping come up with the ideas that shaped this mural - and especially to the work of talented local artist Bec Abdy, for bringing it to life."

Orelia pump station now features local birds.