Water Corporation customers in Newman will experience a water outage from 10:00pm Wednesday, 8 June to 5:00am Thursday, 9 June while upgrades to the water supply network take place.

Water Corporation North West Regional Manager Rino Trolio said the water supply would be temporarily interrupted to allow new valves and flow meters to be installed to help improve the reliability of Newman’s water supply.

“This work will improve our services in Newman by allowing us to use valves to limit the impact of future water supply interruptions,” Mr Trolio said.

Mr Trolio said once the water supply resumed, customers may experience reduced pressure and discoloured water for a short period.

“Temporary discoloured water may occur when we undertake this type of work as small amounts of natural sediment that settles within pipes over time is stirred up and causes discolouration.”

“This sediment is harmless and the water is safe for use, and running the garden tap closest to your water meter for two minutes should clear any of this discolouration.”

Mr Trolio said the work would take place in the evening to limit the impact to customers, however Newman customers are encouraged to manage their own water needs during the supply interruption.

If you have special water requirements, please call Water Corporation’s 24-hour faults, emergencies and security line on 13 13 75 prior to the interruption to make alternative arrangements.

"I thank our customers in advance for their cooperation and understanding during these essential water supply works, and apologise for any inconvenience they may cause," Mr Trolio said.

Media Enquiries:

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