Water Corporation began to progressively restore the Dwellingup water supply from about 8.30pm last night after it was affected by a power outage. 

Some properties in higher parts of the town may have experienced low pressure or no water for a few hours late yesterday before we fully restored the supply.

The water supply system was fully restored by about 11.30pm and is now running as normal.

To restore the water supply Water Corporation brought in tankers to re-fill tanks and a diesel powered generator.  Mobile generators are stored centrally and deployed to an area if we are advised by the fire incident controller that it is safe to do so.

We have plenty of bottled water still available opposite the Dwellingup Hotel in the Tourist Information Bay should firefighters need any today.

Water Corporation works closely with DFES in the event of a bushfire so that:
• Firefighters can quickly locate fire hydrants
• Firefighters have the best access to available water supplies
• Disruptions, or low pressure to customers connected to our system are minimised.

While the Water Corporation works closely with other agencies during a bushfire emergency to supply water for as long as possible, it is not able to guarantee scheme water supply. 

Water supplies can be affected by both loss of power and a drastic drop in water pressure during a bushfire. 

DFES recommend you have an independent water supply and pumping capability if you choose to stay and defend your property.

Media Enquiries:

Contact: Water Corporation media line

Phone: (08) 9420 2555