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Are you living in one of Perth's most blocked up suburbs? 

Our latest report reveals which suburbs had the most blockages in 2022. In 2022, we responded to more than 1,152 wastewater blockages across Perth. Find out if you’re living in one of Perth’s most blocked-up suburbs.

Last year, our team responded to 1,152 preventable wastewater blockages across the state. While this number was slightly less than last year, it’s still more important than ever to ensure waste is disposed correctly.

Often, we see things like toys, clothes and even dentures flow through our pipes. When these non-flushable items enter our wastewater network, they can collect and eventually clog the system, resulting in a blockage. This can cause wastewater to head back up into streets, gardens and sometimes even homes, resulting in a costly and nauseating mess.

Washing down fats, oils and grease in the kitchen sink can also contribute to blockages, as these can solidify in wastewater pipes, creating what we call fatbergs. Fatbergs are a significant problem across WA, which last year cost around $1.1 million to unclog.

 Rags getting pulled from a wastewater pump station earlier this year.

Rags getting pulled from a wastewater pump station earlier this year. 

Reporting, responding and cleaning up these blockages is expensive, time consuming and something that is preventable, which is why it is important for everyone to do their bit by disposing of these items accurately.

Perth's most blocked-up suburbs

Below are the blockages caused by non-flushable items such as wet wipes, clothing and sanitary products. 

Suburb Number of blockages
Baldivis 13
Mount Lawley 10
Mosman Park 9
Bicton 8
Fremantle 6
 Palmyra 6
 Warnbro 6
West Perth 6
Bassendean 5
 Camillo 5


Below are the blockages caused by fats, oils and grease. 

Suburb Number of blockages
Wembley 14
Nedlands 12
Armadale 11
East Fremantle 11
Girrawheen 11
 Victoria Park 11
Baldivis 10
Forrestdale 10
South Perth 10
 Fremantle 9

How can you prevent wastewater blockages?

Here are some of the ways you can avoid blocked pipes and off-putting smells in your suburb:

  1. 1. Only flush the three Ps: pee, poo and (toilet) paper. While some wet wipes may be labelled 'flushable', they don't disintegrate like toilet paper, so they should never be flushed down the toilet, 
  2. 2. Scrape food scraps straight into the bin and use a sink strainer to catch any remaining scraps.
  3. 3. Dispose of cooking oils and fats by pouring them into a container and once hardened, toss them in the bin. 

Wastewater blockages can also occur in your internal plumbing. If your toilet won't flush or there is wastewater overflowing at your home, please call us immediately on 13 13 75 (available 24/7). We can help you identify the blockage and discuss what to do next.