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[Jess Mendonca, Graduate Civil Engineer] I grew up in a regional town in the Mid West of Western Australia.It was overbearingly dry, so it was a natural fit for me to come and work on that issue at the Water Corp and it's been a very inclusive and welcoming organisation. I've never felt more that I can be myself. I think the biggest benefit of the grad programme are the grads themselves. It's a really good bonding experience to go through the start of your career with a group of other like-minded people. The yearly rotation is awesome, and you don't get many opportunities to do that in a career. Actively seek out opportunities, whether it's training or a project that you want to work on because the people here are very supportive. I have a lot of friends working in Water Corp and I kept hearing that what a great place it is to work here. The culture that everybody's working here is really passionate about their job.These two reasons were the most important reasons that I chose to work at Water Corp.