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If a fault or damage to your meter results in you having no water available at your property, please call us on 13 13 75 and we will send a crew to reinstate your service.

Typical faults or damage can include:

  • Your meter is leaking
  • You can't shut off your water
  • The glass on the meter is frosted or difficult to read
  • The meter dial is obscured and unreadable
  • Meter is not registering or turning
  • Meter is noisy
  • Meter has been run over
  • Meter has been damaged during other gardening or maintenance work.

Once you have reported a fault with, or damage to, your water meter we will arrange for a crew member to come to your property to inspect and repair your meter and/or service. You may be billed for the cost of repairs depending on the damage.

Water meters are sometimes stolen from building sites. Stolen meters may also be reported by one of our meter readers who have noticed its missing while trying to conduct a reading at your property.

If your meter is missing and you have no water available at your property please call us on 13 13 75 and  we will have a crew there within 2 hours to reinstate your service. If you're building and require water for construction, your meter will generally be replaced within 48 hours.

There is no cost to replace your water meter if it has been stolen.

Who's responsible for replacing the meter if it is damaged?

For an established residential property, the property owner is responsible for replacing the meter.

If your property is still being built, and you have an active building application in place, then we will contact the builder about replacing the meter – however your individual contract with your builder may have different conditions so you will need to check this.

Once a house is complete and handover from the builder to the owner has taken place, responsibility for the meter is with the property owner.

How much does a replacement meter cost?

The fee to replace a damaged water meter is $316.51 for a standard 20mm meter. Other sizes will be priced at cost.

There is no cost to replace a stolen water meter.