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If your toilet won't flush or there is any wastewater overflowing at your home, you may have a leaky or blocked sewer. Find out who can help and what you should do next.

If you have wastewater overflowing anywhere on your property or any damage is being caused call 13 13 75 immediately. This line is attended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you think it might be an internal blockage on your property plumbing – or if you’ve already called us and we’ve told you we think it is – you’ll need to call your plumber.

Where does responsibility lie?

Depending on the location of the sewer blockage the responsibility may fall upon you to fix the issue.

Wastewater (or sewer) blockages within the property plumbing are the property owner's responsibility.

If a blockage is in the sewer main (normally outside the property), it is our responsibility.

See the diagram below which shows who is responsible for the sections of a property's sewer.

If it turns out the blockage is in our sewer, the plumber will call us and advise that one of our crew members is required to clear the blockage. We will pay the plumber a standard fee for locating a blockage.

Diagram showing where the responsibilities lie between Water Corporation and the proper owner for sewer plumbing this includes the overflow relief gully, property sewer, inspection shaft, rising shaft, and property connection as a responsibility of the owner while just after the lot boundary under there is the sewer junction which is our responsibility.