From 1 July 2021, a 2.5% increase will apply to non-residential water use and service charges for water, wastewater and drainage.

Service charges: In line with the Gross Rental Value (GRV) revaluation, some metropolitan businesses will see a maximum increase of 11.75% on their drainage charges.

If COVID-19 has impacted your business, we have a range of assistance options that can be tailored to your needs.

Business bills are generally made up of 2 types of charges:

  • Service charge
  • Water use charge

We take a meter reading every 2 months and send you a bill for your water use and service charges. You can find a breakdown of the charges that apply to you on the back of your bill.

Billing periods

There are 6 billing periods for this financial year, between July 2021 and June 2022.

Our billing periods
Billing period Days
1 July–31 August 62 days
1 September–31 October 61 days
1 November–31 December 61 days
1 January–28 February 59 days
1 March–30 April 61 days
1 May–30 June 61 days

Service and water use charges explained

We calculate the service charge component based on the number of days in the billing period.

For non-residential properties in both metro and regional areas, water charges are based on the size of the meter servicing the property.

There is a minimum non-residential annual water service charge of $285.82 for unmetered and unconnected properties (including fire services). 

Below you will find the breakdown of how our service charges are divided and more information on the available services.

Outline of service charges

The service charge for water is based on the size and number of meters servicing your property.

Service charge for water is based on the size and number of meters servicing your property
Size of meter Cost
Up to 20mm $285.82
25mm $446.63
30mm $643.10
Up to 40mm $1,143.37
50mm $1,786.48
70, 75, 80mm $4,573.40
100mm $7,145.93
Up to 150mm $16,078.34
Metro only  
200mm $28,583.71
250mm $44,662.05
300mm $64,313.37
350mm $87,537.68

There are 2 kinds of sewerage charges – service charges and volume charges:

Service charges

These are based on the number of major sewerage fixtures such as toilets or urinals. It is the owner's responsibility to let us know if the number of fixtures at the property changes or is different to what is shown on your bills.

Service charges based on the number of major sewerage fixtures
Fixtures Cost
1st fixture $1,072.88
2nd fixture $459.25
3rd fixture $613.32
4th + fixtures + subsequent $666.95

Volume charges

Volume charges for sewerage apply if you discharge more than 200 kilolitres (kL) of wastewater during a financial year.

The charge is $3.942 per kL discharged.

How do you calculate the volume charge?

The volume charges are based on the percentage of total water used that is discharged to sewer – the discharge factor. Your discharge factor will either be the default of 95% or another amount which has been set based on an individual assessment of your business.

Based on your discharge factor, we calculate the amount of total water discharged to sewer, minus the 200kL discharge allowance, and charge $3.942 per kL discharged.

Example calculation 1

For a business that has used 3,000kL of water and has a discharge factor of 33%, your sewerage volume charges would be calculated as follows:

33% of 3,000kL = 990kL of water discharged to sewer
990kL – 200kL discharge allowance = 790kL
790kL x $3.942 = $3,114.18

Example calculation 2

For a business that has used 1,000kL of water and has a discharge factor of 10%, your sewerage volume charges would be calculated as follows:

10% of 1,000kL = 100kL of water discharged

No charge, as this is within the 200kL discharge allowance.

Other sewerage charges

Strata titled business properties with shared facilities

Sewerage service charge is $666.95

Strata titled storage units and parking bays

Sewerage service charge is $106.33

Commercial nursing homes

Sewerage service charge is $194.14 per bed.
Sewer discharge allowance is 75kL per bed. Remaining sewerage is charged at $3.942 per kL discharged.

Drainage charges are based on your property’s Gross Rental Value (GRV), or rateable value which is supplied by the Valuer General. The charge is calculated by multiplying a rate (cents in the dollar) by the rateable value.

Drainage service charge is $14.66 per parking bay/ storage unit.

Drainage service charge is $38.09 per metro strata-titled caravan bay.

The drainage tariff is 0.363 cents for each dollar of the rateable value.

The minimum drainage charge for metropolitan non-residential properties is $126.88

Annual increases in drainage service charges for non-residential customers are capped at 10% plus CPI.

The following types of customers receive a 100% discount on water service charges:

  • non-government schools, churches and community facilities
  • charitable organisations
  • regional local government
  • non-profit homes for the aged.

Religious organisations, non-profit clubs and societies, and charitable organisations may apply for a State Government Discount on their service charges.

Sewerage service charge discounts

Metropolitan charitable organisations

  • Sewerage service charge is $288.25 per fixture (e.g toilets).

Metropolitan non-profit homes for the aged and connected non-government schools, charitable and community organisations

  • Sewerage service charge is $288.25 for 1st major fixture.
  • Additional fixtures $126.82 per fixture.

You can now prepay your service charges for the financial year in your My Water account via the ‘My bills and payments’ tab.

The service charges for your property will be issued on the first bill of the new financial year along with the water use charges (for metered properties). From then on the water use charges will continue to be issued every 2 months.

If the service charge prepayment is selected for the full financial year, this will carry over to the next financial year for service charges as a default.

Please note that there is no discount for prepaying your service charges annually. We’re offering this as an alternative so that customers can manage their bills in a way that’s convenient to them.

Water use charges are calculated from the date of your last meter reading to the current meter reading.


Metro non-residential customers are charged a flat fee per kilolitre.

Metro non-residential Price per kL of water used
All water use $2.646/kL



Each regional town is classified into 1 of 15 steps, with 15 being the highest.

You can find the step, and charges that apply to you, on the back of your bill under ‘Water use charges’. You can also view this year’s regional non-residential step classifications below.

Town classification in regional areas
Steps Dollars/kL
1 $2.729
2 $2.974
3 $3.234
4 $3.524
5 $3.838
6 $4.178
7 $4.551
8 $4.955
9 $5.396
10 $5.876
11 $6.397
12 $6.967
13 $7.587
14 $8.263
15 $8.995

Regional non-residential water use steps (PDF)