It's easy to set up direct debit payments for your bills online with our direct debit form. Please have your bank account, credit or debit card details ready. 

When you set up your direct debit, you can choose from 2 payment options:

  1. Pay your bills when they are due - the exact amount of your bill is automatically paid on your due date.
  2. Pay by regular amounts - set up small regular payments to help reduce the size of your bills when they are due.

For example, if you choose to set up small regular payments and your 2 monthly bill is $300, then your instalments could be:

  • $37.50 per week or
  • $75 per fortnight or
  • $150 per month

We will still send you a bill 16 days before the due date. If your account is in credit, this will go towards your next bill, or you can request a refund.

Set up direct debit