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At the completion of a demolition, it is important that the existing water meter on the property is secured with a standpipe, or is disconnected.

When a building is demolished, it is important that the water meter is secured and is not left as an open-ended service.

If you are demolishing a house and not rebuilding on the block for some time, we recommend disconnecting the meter to reduce the risk of damage or theft, wasted water, or contamination of the water supply.

Talk to us if you are planning to re-build on the block quite quickly, as it may be in your best interests to leave the meter connected.

If you intend to keep the water meter, engage a licensed plumber to arrange for a standpipe to be installed with an internal flow regulator.

If you are using a demolition company, they may arrange for the meter to be disconnected or a standpipe installed for you, so always check with them first.

For further details and the costs involved, see our information about applying to disconnect a service.

Who's responsible?

Under the law it is the owner's responsibility to ensure that each fitting, fixture or pipe on their property is maintained to avoid wasted water, a nuisance or health hazard.

Property owners are responsible for all water that passed through and is recorded on the water meter. Water use recorded on the meter will be charged to the owner. They will also be responsible for any costs should the meter or service be damaged in any way.