Some properties cannot access a water supply that meets the level of service required under our Water Services Licence. To supply water to these properties, we must enter into a non-standard service agreement.

The agreement outlines the conditions under which we agree to supply water to your property. Conditions can relate to:

  • non-standard water quality,
  • low or high water pressure,
  • low flow rate, and/or
  • disruptions to supply.

In most situations, we enter into an agreement with the property owner at the time the property was connected to the water network. The agreement will remain in place unless the conditions of supply improve and the property receives a standard water service.

Sometimes, we may review the water service to a property and identify that a non-standard service agreement is needed. In this situation we will contact you to discuss your water supply.

We’re continuously working to improve our water supply network across the state. Some properties with a non-standard water service may see an upgrade that means the agreement is no longer necessary. We also conduct periodic reviews to assess whether operational changes have changed water supply conditions. If this is the case, we will notify you.

Is water supplied under a non-standard service agreement safe to drink?

It depends on the condition that applies to the property.

Water requires further treatment
Customers must treat their water in accordance with Department of Health advice prior to drinking.

Non-potable water supply
This water supply cannot be treated to meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and must not be consumed or inhaled.

Non-water quality conditions
Customers who have disruptions to supply, pressure, flow and/or private main conditions in their agreement receive treated water, which is safe to drink.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the non-standard service condition that applies to your property.

Properties with a potable water when treated
Untreated water is not safe for human consumption or to be used for any purpose where the water may be inhaled, such as having a shower or bath or making ice. You can find out more on what you need to do on our drinkable water when treated page.

Properties with non-potable water
This water supply cannot be treated to meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and must not be used for any purpose where it could be consumed or inhaled.

It’s recommended that the customers seek advice if they use the water for growing food crops other than grain crops, fodder crops and fruit trees.

Learn more on our non-potable water page.

Properties with a non-water quality condition
Customers with continuity, pressure, flow and/or private main conditions in their agreement, and no water quality condition, will continue to receive drinking water.

When determining your water quality condition, we take a conservative approach based on a range of factors such as the source of the water supply, water quality sampling data, distance from the treatment facility, and an understanding of how the local scheme operates.

Water quality is not a static condition and non-standard water supplies can change on a case by case basis. They can arise or change as a result of changes within the drinking water source catchment, ongoing operations or changes to the water supply network.

Additionally, state and national guidance on water quality changes as we gain more scientific information about water supplies. Some water supplies may have been appropriate to use under old guidelines, but changes to guidelines may mean that a particular water supply is no longer suitable to be used for drinking water.

In conjunction with these factors, as our IT systems have become more sophisticated and property records have improved we’ve identified some properties that require a change to their current Non-standard service agreement, or require a non-standard service agreement for the first time.