Bold Park Aquatic Centre, located in City Beach, has reduced water consumption in its showers by 30% simply by installing water efficient showerheads

Key achievements

  • 30% savings in water use
  • 7.71 million litres saved
  • 3 star WELS efficiency rating

Why we acted

"Imagine if every pool manager in the aquatics industry and their Council, Australia-wide, made this small change. How much water and money could be saved?"
Karin Kelly, Manager Bold Park Aquatic Centre

A water audit confirmed that the flow rate of our showers was 16 litres per minute, well above the minimum recommended water efficiency rating of 9 litres per minute (WELS 3 star).

How we did it

We participated in a trial to install sub-metering to isolate water use in different areas of the centre. This confirmed that the showers were consuming a whopping 28% of our total water use.

We conducted trials on showerheads with different flow rates and, following customer feedback, changed our shower flow rate from 16 litres to 9 litres per minute. We also ran an educational campaign for patrons by placing signage in change rooms to advise them of the new showerheads and encourage shorter showers to support our water efficiency efforts.

Retrofitting showers is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for aquatic centres, or any facility with shared amenities, to save water with a big return in a short period of time.

What we are doing now

We have undergone major upgrades since these changes were made, but lessons can still be learned from this experience. That is why the Town installed an online monitoring system at the new centre to provide daily consumption figures. A sub meter was installed at the plantroom and a virtual second meter was created to determine the consumption for the showers, café and office. Various leaks have been detected and repaired since the installation. In one instance a leak was identified within days, leaking about 2,880 litres per day. The leak was in the plumbing duct and would not have been picked up so quickly without the online monitoring system.

WELS 3 Star water efficient showerheads were installed, but the timer durations were further reduced because, based on our previous experience, showers make up a large portion of the use. Other measures such as using blower vacuums around the pool instead of washing down is still being implemented.