Earlier this week – nearly 14,000 kilometres away in Nice, France – Water Corporation was named runner-up Exceptional Utility Leader at the International Desalination Association’s Water Reuse and Conservation Awards.


The award recognises outstanding performance of utilities who have implemented successful leading-edge water reuse and conservation programs and projects.


Water Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Sue Murphy, said it was an incredible honour to be recognised at the international awards.


“The drying climate is the biggest challenge faced by Water Corporation, with streamflows into Perth’s drinking water dams the lowest in 100 years of records last year,” Ms Murphy said.


“This recognition illustrates the great work we have achieved over the past decade through our Water Forever plans to secure water supplies in the drying climate.


“This plan is based on a three-pronged approach – developing new water sources, working with the community to reduce water use and increasing the amount of water recycled. So it is great to be recognised internationally for our efforts in water reuse and conservation.


“We’ll continue on our Water Forever journey and look forward to sharing our experience with other utilities around the world.”


Ms Murphy congratulated Orange County Water District, who took out first place in the Exceptional Utility Leader category and has close ties with Perth, having provided vital expertise into the development of Groundwater Replenishment.. 


Water Corporation’s key achievements in water reuse and recycling:

  • Construction of full-scale Groundwater Replenishment Scheme, which will start recharging up to 14 billion litres of water each year in December. This scheme will then be expanded to 28 billion litres of water each year, with work on the expansion starting in 2017.
  • Water Corporation operates 75 recycling schemes across Western Australia which reduce demand on drinking water supplies.
  • Water Corporation’s work with its customers in Perth has helped reduce annual per person water use by around 30 per cent since 2001 to 127,000 litres in 2015-16.  

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