Water Corporation carries out lead testing in its water supply schemes in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.


The results of this testing confirm that the source of lead at the Perth Children’s Hospital is not coming from the Water Corporation's supply.


Supplying our customers with safe drinking water is the Water Corporation’s highest priority. We would like to reassure the community that water we supply across the State meets 100 per cent of the health requirements set out in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.


We take more than 66,000 water samples from water sources, treatment plants and pipe networks each year, with over 217,000 individual analyses performed by independent laboratories.

In addition to on-line, continuous monitoring at water treatment plants, sampling is carried out for microbiological, chemical and physical parameters regularly, as agreed with the Department of Health.


Perth Children’s Hospital is supplied with water from the Mount Eliza Reservoir which receives water from dams, desalination and groundwater. This water is treated before it is supplied to the reservoir, then to customers in this area of Perth.

Although the source of lead is not coming from Water Corporation's supply, we are providing technical advice to the project team on this issue.


We encourage any customer who is concerned about their drinking water quality to contact us on 13 13 75.

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