Hollywood Primary School celebrated 10 years enrolled in Water Corporation’s Waterwise Schools Program at a special assembly today.


As part of the program, teachers at the school have been educating students on the need to value, protect and conserve water resources for a decade.


Water Corporation General Manager Customer and Community Group, Catherine Ferrari, thanked the school for sharing the waterwise message.


“In our drying climate it’s important the next generation are aware how precious water is and Hollywood Primary School has been sharing this message for 10 years,” Ms Ferrari said.


"Students are the water users of the future, so it is vital teachers continue to educate students about the value of water.  Thank you to students and teachers at Hollywood Primary School for your dedication to the program and I look forward to the next decade of waterwise education at the school.”


This message was reinforced by Hollywood Primary School’s Waterwise Coordinator, Celia Elissegaray.


“As a result of 10 years as a waterwise school, and more recently as a sustainable school, Hollywood students have a genuine commitment to the environment which goes far beyond participation in lessons” Ms Elissegaray said.


“Students of all ages consistently demonstrate an understanding of the natural environment and the need to value and protect it, including saving water and preventing pollution of waterways.”


The school shares the waterwise message in its newsletters, hosts waterwise themed assemblies and has rainwater tanks, dual flush toilets and timed taps. Water Corporation regularly visits the school to speak with students about the importance of water and students are led in their sustainability efforts by year 6 student leaders called the Green Team.


The Waterwise Schools Program takes a long-term approach to water education and behavioural change, and complements the curriculum across all major learning areas.


Further information about the Waterwise Schools Program is available from the Water Corporation’s website at www.watercorporation.com.au

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