Water Corporation is the first water utility in Australia to use innovative Mains Wizard technology, which has allowed it to undertake work without interrupting water supplies for more than 35,000 customers in the past year. 


Water Corporation Perth Regional Manager, Garth Walter, who is responsible for maintaining the 15,000 kilometres of water mains in Perth, said using Mains Wizard technology was a win-win situation for both customers and Water Corporation. 


“Mains Wizard is one of a number of innovative technologies we have introduced to improve the service we provide to our customers,” Mr Walter said.


“The equipment works by tapping into a water main twice on either side of the leak or valve a crew is working on. An inflatable bag is installed into the closest points while a bypass pipe is connected to the furthest points.


“Pressurisation units on either side of the work area then inflate the bags using mains water pressure, isolating the section being worked on while maintaining continuous water supply without pressure fluctuations. 


“By using this technology there is less inconvenience for our customers, fewer calls to our faults line and we do not have to empty pipes to carry out repairs, which saves precious water.


“We can also carry out work during business hours in commercial and industrial, areas which in the past would have been done overnight to minimise potential impacts.”


UK water utilities Severn Trent Water and Thames Water rolled out Mains Wizard in late 2011 in response to an increase in unplanned supply interruptions and saw an immediate decrease in faults inconveniencing its customers.

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