More than 50,000 litres of water – or $105 a day – has been saved at St Bartholomew’s House in East Perth by using a data logger to track water use.


Data loggers are attached to a property's water meter and monitors water use at the site. In this case, the data logger detected water use had increased dramatically and further investigation identified a faulty valve was wasting water.


Water Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Sue Murphy, said the faulty valve would have resulted in more than 8 Olympic swimming pools of water being lost over the course of a year.


“Data loggers are valuable pieces of technology that can identify when water is used at a property, which is especially important for businesses,” Mrs Murphy said.


“In this case, we were able to install the data logger as part of our Water Efficiency Management Plan Program, and it quickly identified an issue, which St Bartholomew’s House investigated and repaired.


“In our drying climate, every drop of water counts and this is a great demonstration of our work with businesses to save water.”


St Bartholomew’s House Manager Commercial, Graham Patullo, said the data logger helped save not only water, but money. 


“We had no idea just how much water was being consumed,” Mr Patullo said.


“The saving in dollar terms is significant and allows us to put the money to more services for our clients, which is a massive saving for a not-for-profit organisation.”


Water Corporation use of data loggers has helped save around 1 billion litres of water since 2012.


For more information about the data logger program visit Water Corporation’s website,

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