A Roebourne resident is proving you can save water and keep your garden green over summer, with some help from a smart water meter.

Christine Noonan-Konig began monitoring her water use through Water Corporation’s self-service website, My Water, in October 2015 after receiving a call about a possible leak at her property.

Water use data is recorded hourly and uploaded to My Water on a daily basis through smart meters, which were installed throughout the Pilbara in 2014.

Mrs Noonan-Konig set herself a challenge to use less water at home. She met this challenge by removing the trees and plants in her garden that needed lots of watering, keeping only ‘waterwise’ plants that could survive on much less.

Mrs Noonan-King then started to reuse greywater from her washing machine on the garden, and kept a close eye on the smart meter water use graph by logging in daily.

These simple steps, along with just being more conscious about water use around the home,  have led to huge water savings, with Mrs Noonan-Konig’s household water use in December 2015 dropping an impressive 50 per cent compared to the previous December.

She is on track to continue saving throughout the hot summer months with January’s water use also less than half than the previous year.

“We are now very water conscious around the house in general, and as for the gardens, visitors still compliment us on them,” Mrs Noonan-Konig said.

She said the water use graph on My Water’s website was very easy to use and understand. 

“I find it an inspirational tool for reducing excess water use in my home.”

Water Corporation North West Regional Manager Rino Trolio commended Mrs Noonan-Konig’s water saving efforts and encouraged other residents to follow her example.  

 “Many people don’t realise that 40 per cent of household water use is outside the home in the garden so small changes can make a big difference,” Mr Trolio said.

 “Customers with smart meters can track their water use on a two-monthly, weekly or daily basis using My Water, to assess their water saving efforts almost instantly.”

Sign up to My Water at mywater.com.au or visit watercorporation.com.au and use our water use calculator to see how much water you use in your home.

Saving water in the Pilbara:

  • Water Corporation has installed around 5,700 smart water meters in Port Hedland, South Hedland and Wedgefield, and 8,700 smart meters in the West Pilbara towns of Onslow, Karratha, Roebourne, Point Sampson and Wickham
  • Smart water meters place daily water use figures in the hands of customers, enabling them to track and monitor their water use
  • Reduce your sprinkler times by just two minutes per station and save around 480 litres of water a week
  • Choose waterwise plants for your garden that can live in our climate with less water
  • Fix a dripping tap and save around 10,000 litres of water a year
  • Visit www.watercorporation.com.au for more tips on how to save water

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