Recent research* shows nine out of 10 Australian’s discard more than a quarter of food during the festive season. Given this, Water Corporation has encouraged households to ensure they dispose of foods in the right way – especially fat, oil and grease.


Water Corporation spokesperson, Clare Lugar, said many people mistakenly thought it was okay to pour fat from Christmas lunch or dinner straight down the sink.


"When this solidifies in your home’s internal plumbing or wastewater pipes it creates a blockage, which can cause wastewater to back up in the system and possibly overflow," Ms Lugar said.


"That is not the kind of gift you want to receive this Christmas, especially if it occurs inside your home.


“Pour fat from your Christmas ham and grease from the barbeque into a container and dispose of it in the bin. Also, don’t dispose of food scraps down the sink, these also belong in the bin.


“This extra effort will protect your home and the 12,000 kilometres of wastewater mains across Perth.


“In 2015, about a third of all wastewater blockages in Perth were caused by fat, oil and grease accumulating in the wastewater system. All of which are avoidable if these are disposed of correctly instead of down the sink.”


Fat, oils and grease feed the ‘monster’ that forms in the wastewater system – for more information about, visit

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